A Look at Strategic’s February & March

Black History Month

February is Black History Month in the U.S.  Strategic prioritizes equity and inclusion for our staff.  We are thankful to have a diverse employee population.  We encourage our employees to celebrate their culture and to educate themselves on the culture and background of their teammates. For more DEI resources, aimed at equipping the 21st century workforce with the knowledge, skills and abilities that employers need for business growth, join the CompTIA Advancing Tech Talent & Diversity Community:

Employee Spotlight

Crystal Newman, a beloved Strategic team member for over nine years now, recently transferred from the Service department to a new position as Sales Administrator.  We welcome Crystal into her new role with open arms and wanted to share some fun facts that you may not already know.  Mother of three (Cobe, Ashley and Antréal) and devoted wife for over 25 years, Crystal is a Jehovah’s Witness and very strong in her faith.  She also helps maintain company morale as the unofficial photographer at employee events. 

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Country Song: She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

Crazy Story: Once drag raced a car on Main Street and won! She has a little rebel in her.

Best Travel Memory/Happy Place: Fishing off the Pensacola bridge

Someone She Admires: Dick Vitale – famous college and NBA coach and ESPN broadcaster – witnessed him give a motivational speech in Lexington


Steven Barousse                              March 17th

Denise Brock                                      March 28th

Ronald Hamby                                   March 24th

Reed Horonick                                   March 17th

Nick Johnson                                     March 5th

Alexis McDonald-Brewer              March 20th

Susan Sandidge                                 March 24th

Lacy Taylor                                          March 5th


John Byrd                                            March 23rd                           1 Year

Monica Gant                                      March 27th                          4 Years

Cindy Kelsey                                      March 18th                          7 Years

Charles Shepp                                    March 30th                          1 years

Sam Young                                          March 30th                          1 Years

New Hires

Kaylie Plauche                                   Marketing Apprentice                    Louisville, KY

Tim McClellan                                    Warehouse Manager                     Louisville, KY

Looking Ahead – Employee Appreciation Day!

Did you know that March 5th is “Employee Appreciation Day”?  Human Resources has some fun things planned for our staff.  Here are some fun but simple ideas for managers to show appreciation:

  • A handwritten note
  • Take the team to lunch
  • Say thanks for a job well done!

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