Data Center

Design, Build, Manage

The data center is the heart of your IT environment. Strategic Communications data center and networking specialists are certified by Cisco, Aruba, Dell and IBM to bring you a full data center solution. We can design, build, manage and migrate your data center to optimize your day-to-day business and IT processes either on premise or in the cloud.

Servers & Storage

Strategic offers custom configurations for servers and storage devices, whether on premise, virtualized or in the cloud. We offer blade servers, rack servers and tower servers from Dell, HPE, Cisco and IBM for your data center. We also have VMware certified and AWS certified engineers who can consolidate your data center via virtualization or migrate it into the cloud.

Converged Infrastructure

Strategic Communications brings together the infrastructure elements that power IT: servers, data storage, networking functions, virtualization and management software. Our converged infrastructure solutions brings agility, efficiency and reliability to your data center.

Networking (Software Defined Mobility)

Strategic provides organizations that depend on mobile applications with a flexible, software-defined networking platform to manage, accelerate, optimize and secure all mobile device traffic, across any network, application or operating system.  Software Defined Mobility is a straightforward way to stitch together disparate networks. By creating a single virtual network with a common point of control, Strategic Communications helps ensure reliable application delivery over unpredictable connections.

Power and Cooling

When designing your data center, Strategic Communications implements a flexible and scalable power and cooling strategy. Ninety percent of active equipment will be replaced in five years or less. The infrastructure must be able to support heavier equipment, increasing port and cable densities, and cable media changes (i.e. replacing copper with fiber). At the same time, the infrastructure must be able to support common topologies like ToR (top of rack), MoR (middle of row) and EoR (end of row) along with new architectures like leaf-spine and other mesh configurations. We have expertise with all components of your data center project – new cooling technologies like close-coupled cooling, power, connectivity, cabling, physical infrastructure, cable management, and pathways – to guarantee that all pieces work seamlessly together.