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Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools IDIQ Contract for Interactive Displays

The Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools (DDESS)/ (DODDS-Cuba) is currently comprised of 67 schools providing educational requirements for preschool through 12th grade. DDESS anticipates expanding this number of schools during the near future. DDESS schools serve the children of military service members. DODDS-Cuba serves the military and civilian population.

Design specifications for DODEA schools are continuing to align to the standards and instructional programs that provide for 21st Century Learning. 21st Century Learning shifts the focus of instruction from teacher‐centered to student centered. This paradigm aligns with current behavior patterns that have evolved with technological advancements. The student‐centered paradigm requires a variety of space types and spatial arrangements. To facilitate more effective, accelerated rates of learning, 21st Century education must respond to students’ individual learning needs. The current model of one instructor to many students in a 900 square‐foot classroom does not provide sufficient opportunities for customized education. 21st Century learning models must empower each student by optimizing learning potential through personalized, differentiated instruction.

Purpose and Objectives:
Provide the latest and most updated interactive display equipment in order to correspond with the 21st Century learning educational program within the DODEA-DDESS schools; Outfit existing schools and or administrative buildings with updated interactive displays; and Replace existing IWB materials and equipment as they fail or become too expensive to maintain in existing schools/administrative buildings.

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