Meet Strategic’s Pet of the Month – Ginger!

Ginger is a 4 yr old Redtick Coonhound/Heeler mix born on a cold January in Ft Bragg, NC.  Although she doesn’t come into the office much, she loves to look out of the window and bark at anything for attention.

Ginger’s favorite treat is all things peanut butter and cheese.  Her favorite toy is a tie between a squeaker-filled llama or a wonky hedgehog. Ginger has a variety of nicknames including Ginger Ale, Ginger Binge, Ginger Spice, Winona, Ginger Ann, Red, Noonie, Babooshka, and Moo.

Ginger loves big rambunctious dogs and some humans.  She loves walks and sprinting until she drops.  She is a jokester who will turn off the TV if you don’t pay attention to her.  She can “talk” using buttons. Also, her favorite time of the year is snowboarding season because her family lets her run loose in 18” of snow!

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