Naval Surface Warfare Center Telecom Cyber and Electronics Blanket Purchasing Agreements (BPAs)

Contract Specifications:
Contract Number: Cyber: #N64267-15-A-0103 and Electronics: #N64267-15-A-0105
Contract Ceiling: $6.5 million (Cyber) and $6 million (Electronic)
BPA Pass Limit: $1.5 million for each BPA
ontract Length: June 2015—June 2018
Cage Code: 3BGB4

Telecom Electronics: Code RS12

  • Radio Frequency: Includes but not limited to couplers, filters, duplexers, attenuators, pre-selectors, mobile/fixed transceiver radios, antennas, transmission lines, fiber optics, connectors, amplifiers, waveguides, and test equipment.
  • Networking: Includes but not limited to routers, switches, simulators, backbone transport equipment, power-over-ethernet devices, network clock sources, terminal servers, VoIP, wireless devices, and media converters.
  • SATCOM: Includes but not limited to fixed and shipboard satellite terminals, earth stations, converters, amplifiers, modems, phones, radomes, Global Positioning System (GPS), and satellite phones.
  • Audio/Video: Includes but not limited to encoders/decoders, voice switches, distribution switches, voters, speakers, projectors, displays, interactive whiteboards, filters, PTZ cameras, audio/video furniture, microphones, intercom, paging, control panels, and cellular modems.

Telecom Cyber: Code RS13

  • End User Computing: Includes but not limited to Encryption/Decryption devices, laptops, workstations, printers, scanners, hard drives, monitors.
  • Enterprise Computing: Includes but not limited to Encryption/Decryption devices, firewalls, servers, gateways, Network Attached Storage, Intrusion Detection System, and Intrusion Protection System.
  • Software: Includes but not limited to Operating Systems, user analysis applications, Host Based Security System, anti-virus, network scanners, virtualization, and vulnerability scanners.

Ordering through the NSWC Telecom BPAs

To purchase product and services associated with the NSWC Corona Telecom Cyber and Electronics BPAs, please contact one of the Contracting Officers listed below:

Marcella Webber
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Phone: 951-393-4454
Fax: 951-393-4013
Email: marcella.webber@navy.mil

Vanessa Labyzon
Naval Surface Warfare Center
Phone: 951-393-4351
Fax: 951-393-4013
Email: vanessa.labyzon@navy.mil

Adding Products to the NSWC Telecom BPAs

If there is an ongoing IT and/or Audio/Visual project and equipment that is needed is not listed under either BPA, agencies have the ability to add those necessary solutions to either BPA contract. The process is as follows:

  • Reach out to Strategic and we will assist in researching the equipment that is needed. Include information such as Index, Class, Class Type, Manufacturer Brand Name, Manufacturer Part Number, Description and Unit Price (see example 1)
  • Submit request and information to Vanessa Labyzon at vanessa.labyzon@navy.mil

Example 1



Class Type

Manufacturer Brand Name or Equal

Manufacturer Part Number Brand Name or Equal


Unit Price Year 1

Unit Price Year 2

Unit Price Year 3














































To view and/or download more information on our Naval Surface Warfare Center contracts please click here.

For more information regarding either NSWC Corona Telecom Cyber and Electronic BPAs, contact our VAR team at sales@yourstrategic.com or call 877-379-3470.