Acquisition Services

Expert Procurement

Whether you need a custom-configured server, name brand or third-party software, or a pallet of end-user devices ready to ship at any time, Strategic Communications has the resources and expertise you need to make educated procurement decisions.

Let our wide range of value-added acquisition expertise guide you through every step of procurement, saving you time and money along the way.

IT procurement

We can streamline your IT procurement processes, maximize your savings and lower your risks. Our procurement solutions supplement your resources and support your third-party purchases in the following areas:

  • Maintenance Optimization
  • Cloud Readiness Support
  • Rfx Optimization
  • IT contract review and negotiation

Technology Refresh

Strategic Communications’ team of certified IT experts provides organizations a comprehensive roadmap for short term and long term technology refresh. Our technology refresh services are meant to assist organizations with adopting to new compliance regulations, mitigate security risks, optimize technology performance, support for new hardware and software platforms.