Structured Cabling

Comprehensive Infrastructure

Whether your organization is building a new location or wants to upgrade its existing cabling infrastructure, Strategic Communications will be able to accommodate you with any structured cabling needs.  We offer comprehensive solutions for all infrastructure types—CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7, fiber optic, and wireless networks.


Office spaces becoming more open and interactive, and with that comes increased background noise. We offer high quality sound masking solutions making any type of work environment more comfortable and efficient. From noise cancelling microphones, headsets and conferencing phones, we can accommodate spaces of any size and shape.

Often, sound masking systems are less expensive than architectural solutions in covering-up or absorbing background noise. Productivity is proven to increase significantly per employee with an effective system – giving an immediate return on investment on our sound masking solutions.


Paging systems have been found to be a crucial communication component in many types of corporate, retail, healthcare and education environments. We understand that these systems must be designed to be as minimally intrusive to staff and/or customers as possible. Our paging system designers take the time to assess and understand an office or warehouse environment, measure the appropriate db levels of the space along with the length, width and height of the building, and configure a design that will meet your needs.