Federal Contracts

Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) – Available to All Federal Agencies

NASA SEWP V: Contract #: NNG15SC90B, (Group C), NNG15SC50B (Group D)
Description: Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP, pronounced ‘soup’), is a multi-award GWAC vehicle focused on technology products and product-based services. SEWP V is a 10 year, $20 billion contract.
Products/Services: Audio/Video, IT and Cloud
Eligible Agencies: All

NITAAC CIO-CS: Contract #: HHSN316201500048W
Description: The National Institute of Health’s Chief Information Officer – Commodities and Solutions (CIO CS) GWAC is intended to support the full range of IT needs across the federal government. CIO-CS is a 10 year, $20 billion contract.
Products/Services: Audio/Video, IT and Cloud
Eligible Agencies: All

Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity Contracts (IDIQs)

SPAWAR—MAC—PBX, ROUTING & SWITCHING (8a): Contract #: N65236-15-D-3009
Description: Our 8(a) Joint Venture Company, Strategic-Advanced Communications, provides the DoD with immediate access to communications and networking solutions through the SPAWAR MAC for COTS PBX, routers, switches and other related equipment.
Products/Services: Networking equipment and IT equipment
Eligible Agencies: Department of the Navy and United States Marine Corps

DoDEA DDESS: Contract #: HEVAS6-14-D-0009
Description: The DDESS contract was set up to assist DoDEA schools with procuring education technologies as well as the installation and engineering services needed to build a full solution. This purchasing vehicle is instrumental in the fulfilment of the DODEA-DDESS Agency’s ongoing requirement for the most updated “next-generation” design in Interactive Display and educational technology within the market.
Products/Services: Interactive display equipment and services
Eligible Agencies: DoDEA Schools

USPTO: Contract #: DOC50PAPT1500058
Description: The USPTO IDIQ contract for general purpose IT equipment and software can be utilized to procure a wide array if IT products and services. This IDIQ is a 3 year, $20 million contract.
Products/Services: Audio/Video and IT equipment and services
Eligible Agencies: USPTO

USUHS AV/SIM: Contract #: HU0001-15-D-E094
Description: The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) AV/SIM MATOC is an IDIQ contract that can be used by the USU and any other Federal Agency to procure and acquire Audio/Visual and multi-media Simulation (AV/SIM) solutions. This IDIQ is a 5 year, $51 million dollar contract.
Products/Services: Audio/Video and IT equipment and services
Eligible Agencies: All

SeaPort-E: Contract #: N00178-15-8430
Description: SeaPort-e is the Navy’s electronic platform for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including Engineering, Financial Management, and Program Management. This IDIQ is a 10 year, $5.3 billion contract.
Products/Services: IT Staff Augmentation and Managed Services
Eligible Agencies: All

GITM Printer: Contract #: SAQMMA15D0063
Description: The US Department of State’s Global Information Technology Modernization (GITM) contract for Computer Printers, Multi-function Machines and Driver Software can be utilized by any DoS agency looking to upgrade black/white or color printers, multi-function printers and machines, PKI readers and related software. This IDIQ is a 5 year, $57 million contract.
Products/Services: Dell printers, multifunction machines and related software
Eligible Agencies: Department of State

ADMC-3: Contract #: W52P1J-17-D-0015
Description: The Army Desktop and Mobile Computing-3 (ADMC-3) IDIQ fulfils the U.S. Army Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) requirement to support the Government’s worldwide needs for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Information Technology (IT) equipment and services. It is a 10-year contract with a $5 billion ceiling.
Products/Services: Desktop and Mobile Computing, Computer Hardware
Eligible Agencies: US Army is the primary agency, however any Federal agency can utilize the contract

Blanket Purchasing Agreements (BPAs)

GTMO: Contract #: W91WRZ-14-A-0017
Description: The Guantanamo Bay Security/Surveillance BPA contract can be utilized by federal facilities located in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to procure IT and Audio/Visual solutions pertaining to security and surveillance. This BPA is a 5 year, $1 million contract.
Products/Services: Security equipment
Eligible Agencies: Guantanamo Bay

NSWC Corona—Telecom Cyber & Electronics: Contract #: N64267-15-A-0103 (Cyber) and
N64267-15-A-0105 (Electronics)
Description: The Naval Surface Warfare Center Corona’s Telecom Cyber and Electronics BPAs provide DoDAAC agencies a contract vehicle to procure technology equipment and services for upcoming projects. Both BPAs are 3 year contracts, with Telecom Cyber having a $6.5 million dollar ceiling and Telecom Electronics having a $6 million ceiling.
Products/Services: IT products and services
Eligible Agencies: DoDAAC